An Established Tradition of Fine Living
Grosse Pointe Real Estate

For centuries, those who have owned Grosse Pointe homes have established a tradition of fine living. From its original founding around 1800, Grosse Pointe has been highly prized due to its location on and near Lake St. Clair. Unlike most blossoming communities of the era, affluence established itself quickly here. Prominent industrial families soon treasured Grosse Pointe homes as luxurious summer getaways that offered exceptional surroundings and amenities.

Today the five Grosse Pointes make up a small cluster of close-knit communities that still retain their sense of history, pride, and direction. As the area has flourished, Grosse Pointe homes for sale have enchanted more than just socialites from ages past in need of summer dwellings. Modern day residents consist of year-round homeowners from a variety of cultures. Grosse Pointe homes for sale also offer more variety in architecture, size, and price range. While sprawling, waterfront estates are still available; Grosse Pointe real estate listings also boast distinctive modern homes with exceptional amenities.

The Privileges of Grosse Pointe
Real Estate Ownership

Each of the five Grosse Pointes (Grosse Pointe City, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Shores, and Grosse Pointe Woods) offer unique advantages all their own. Just envision your new home located on an established, tree-lined street graced with immaculately manicured lawns.

As the owner of a Grosse Pointe home, you have access to facilities for golf, tennis, boating and horseback riding. In addition, you have admission to resident-only lakefront parks with facilities for swimming, sailing, ice skating, picnicking, and more.

Throughout the five Pointes you'll find professionally groomed natural areas. Perhaps you'd prefer to stroll along brick sidewalks in The Village where quaint, local boutiques and shops can be found.

Welcome to the Pointes

An Unmatched Quality of Life
In Grosse Pointe

Real estate is not the only advantage Grosse Pointe offers. You'll also benefit from the best school system in Michigan, a virtually non-existent crime rate, a prime cultural sense, diverse religious establishments, and a premier commuting system for those who work in and near Detroit. These are just a few of the many reasons Grosse Pointe has become such a popular point for relocation.

Relocation Services for Grosse Pointe

Homes are available and our professional team at Adlhoch & Associates will be glad to assist with finding your new home and relocating you and your family to Grosse Pointe. It would be our pleasure to guide your steps and care for the details of your move as we do for many large corporations and relocation firms.

Whether you currently live in Grosse Pointe and are seeking a lifestyle move within the communities or you are relocating from across the country, feel free to contact us for additional information about the area. We would be delighted to serve you in any way we are able.