About William Adlhoch & Associates

At Adlhoch & Associates, our
strength is in our people!

Adlhoch and Associates, Realtors has been specializing in Grosse Pointe Real Estate for 30 years. Founded in 1977, the firm has been dominant in the Grosse Pointe market by providing customers unparalleled service and results. We service the five Grosse Pointes and adjacent communities. Our office team consists of 25 full time real estate agents with over 300 years of combined experience. This experience, in addition to our knowledge of the market and attention to your customers needs, make our agents valuable assets to have on your side.

Our Agents

Our strength is in our people. We have the best agents in the business; they are real estate professionals who really know the Grosse Pointes. Contact them today for real estate assistance!

Call Us at: (313) 882-5200

William G. Adlhoch

Email: wadlhoch@adlhoch.com

Judy Barker

Phone: (313) 550-5208
Email: jbarker@mirealsource.com

Joy Bracey

Phone: (313) 268-6022

Email: joybracey@mirealsource.com

Debbie Caputo

Phone: (313) 300-0994

Email: jdcaputo1@comcast.net

George Dwaihy

Phone: (313) 580-5498
Email: gdwaihy@comcast.net

Nick Gagnon

Phone: (586) 291-6969

Email: nick.gagnon@motorcitydreamhomes.com
Website: www.motorcitydreamhomes.com

John D. Hoben

Phone: (313) 510-8835
Email: john@johnhoben.com

Molly Hohlfeldt

Phone: (636) 236-1435
Email: movingwithmolly@gmail.com

Nancy Hohlfeldt

Phone: (313) 418-0800
Email: nhohlfeldt@comcast.net

Charles Krasner

Phone: (313) 574-4950
Email: charleskrasner@adlhochsales.com

Sarah Scully Latzman

Phone: (313) 300-6241
Email: sarahlatzman@gmail.com

Michael LeVan

Phone: (313) 570-5995
Email: mike@mikelevan.com
Website: www.mikelevan.com

Ruth Ellen Mayhall

Phone: (313) 319-1994
Email: remayhall@comcast.net

Kelie Davis McMillan

Phone: (313) 570-4555

Email: kedmcmillan@aol.com
Website: www.keliemcmillan.listingbook.com

Paula Morris

Phone: (313) 580-0835
Email: paulamorris194@gmail.com

Thomas Taber

Phone: (313) 819-8779
Email: tltaber@sbcglobal.net

Marsha Zeller

Phone: (313) 608-0166
Email: marshazeller@gmail.com