Welcome to The Grosse Pointes

The process of buying a home
can vary from area to area. Let
us guide you through the steps.

  • Most of Grosse Pointe requires a City Inspection by the local building department before a home can be sold, insuring that homes are kept up to the highest standards.
  • In addition, purchase agreements include a standard inspection contingency that allows you to have the home inspected by an independent home inspector of your choice.
  • Earnest money deposits that bind a purchase are normally suggested to be approximately 5% of the purchase price.
  • Adlhoch & Associates offers a Home Warranty program for those who are interested.
  • Property taxes are paid twice a year (July and December), With both tax bills paid in advance for the coming year. These taxes are pro-rated with seller, at close, on a "due date" basis.