Community Resources

The lake offers recreational
opportunities in all seasons.

In the Grosse Pointes we are truly fortunate to have many wonderful community resources.

Lakeside Parks

The Grosse Pointes have their own shoreline, and each has its own lakefront park with tennis courts, pool, picnic area and large marina. Access to each park and its recreational facilities is free to residents only - plus their guests. Supervised swimming is available from Memorial Day to Labor Day and instruction is offered in swimming, diving, skin and scuba diving, water ballet and Red Cross lifesaving.

Each Pointe holds swim meets among its own residents and with teams from the other Pointes. Summer fun at the lake includes fishing rodeos, fleet regattas and fireworks displays.

Sailing , Boating , Fishing

Lake St Clair is one of the world's leading area of sail yacht racing, and one of the Grosse Pointe's star attractions.

Each waterfront park has docking facilities for its own residents - and only its own residents. Fees are based on craft size and very reasonable. The lake, which has a channel dredged for oceangoing vessels, is approximately 25 miles across at the center. Residents fish for bass, pickerel and salmon from the docks as well as from their boats.

Sports Facilities

Sports of all kinds are part of the local recreation programs. Tennis courts abound in the Pointes - private, public and for residents only. Two private tennis clubs in the area offer courts year round. School and public baseball diamonds are available and maintained by the Pointes for use by Little League and Babe Ruth teams. Soccer, t-ball, softball, ice skating, ice hockey, and even cross-country skiing are available locally.