Welcome to The Grosse Pointes

Beautiful Lake St. Clair offers
access to the world.

The Grosse Pointes are five suburban communities, just east of Detroit, nestled together on the shore of Lake St. Clair. The location, along with the area's long history and stability, explains to a large degree our community's special character as a place to live.

The Grosse Pointes offer many advantages - fast access to Detroit attractions, easy commuting for those who work at Detroit's Renaissance Center or other downtown locations, a wide variety of home prices and styles, truly superior schools, and outstanding local city services and recreational facilities.

Grosse Pointe Charm

It's the overall lifestyle, however, which creates the abiding loyalty so often demonstrated by families who live in Grosse Pointe. As family needs change, people often just move from one street to another, a larger home or a smaller home depending on their stage in life.

When you purchase a home in one of the five Grosse Pointes - Park, City, Farms, Woods or Shores - you don't acquire just a house. You also gain access to beautiful Lake St Clair. And you become heir to cultural and recreational facilities that have grown out of the area's opulent past.

Activities and Attractions

With all this so close to home, the wonder is that Grosse Pointe Residents find time for the many, many attractions in the Detroit Metropolitan area; Plays at the Fisher, Hillberry and Meadowbrook theaters; music by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Michigan Opera Theatre; the Art Institute and Science Museum; Comerica Park & Ford Field; Greektown with its busy restaurants, and Eastern Farmers' Market with its fresh produce and flowers. Those are just a very few examples of the countless attractions within easy distance of the Pointes.

The Grosse Pointe/Detroit area occupies a unique position vis-a-vis Canada. It's the only place on the border where Canada is south of the United States. So Grosse Pointers not only have easy access to the beauties and interesting places of Michigan, they are only minutes away from another country.


Because of the excellence of Grosse Pointe's bus service, residents needn't depend on their cars for transportation to downtown offices. Convenient bus schedules allow them to leave home throughout the morning and, for example, get to Detroit's Renaissance Center in just 20 minutes. Afternoon schedules offer equal flexibility. Many professional and business people take advantage of this fast easy transit. It also facilitates movement to and from the area by people who are employed in the Pointes but do not live there.